Dallas-based photographer Sarah Carson has produced a large body of work in both black & white and color. Her images of Texas show present day rodeos, ranches with prize bulls, wildflowers, Big Bend, Canyonlands State Park, and cityscapes of Dallas. The Southwest’s past of Indians and adobe and contemporary images of deserts and western charm are richly documented in photographs of New Mexico and Arizona.

Carson has photographed extensively in the British Isles, Ireland, Spain, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Her large body of work includes large collections from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, Israel and Jordan. Other collections feature Mexico and Barbados. Two of Carson’s books feature her images from Italy (Montestigliano, a Tuscan Farm) and from the UK and Ireland (Landscape Portraits). 

Carson’s photographs have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums over the years; in both one-person shows and juried exhibitions, in Dallas and other Texas cities, New York, Boston, Miami, and New Orleans. In 2001, curator Beata Schezy mounted an exhibition of Carson’s work, “Closed Encounters,” in Budapest, Hungary. Some of her Eastern European images are now in the national archive of Georgia.

During the last twelve years, Carson has conducted travel photography workshops in Italy (Tuscany). Her love of Italy and the Italian people has produced an impressive and exciting collection of Italian images, with many featured in her book, A Tuscan Farm. Carson has also conducted travel photography seminars for several Texas museums and for private groups.